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Moite Media

Through vibrant, eye-catching photos and videos we can tell your story and spark interest in the things you care about the most. Do you:

  • want to immerse your audience in your brand, culture, expertise?

  • have a product, service or brand that needs promoting?

  • want to intensify engagement with your audience?


Look no further.


Whether personal or business, we can show the world what drives you.

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Julian Maidment / Founder

I have created Moite Media to help others tell their story through my lens.


I love capturing the world with my camera. Capturing the essence of people. Capturing the things they love and want to share. I am especially interested in working with the sporting industry. 


With a degree in Communications (Media) from RMIT, I create visual content for electronic publications, websites and social media that lets my clients showcase their passions.

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